Our People


Ella Graj


Ella is a clinical psychology registrar with a Master of Clinical Psychology attained through the University of Melbourne.

Inspired by the core tenets of self-compassion frameworks, the key belief that underpins the work Ella does as a psychologist is in the humanity that we all share as dwellers of this earth. As pain and suffering seem to impel their way, unbidden, into the business of living, Ella will work with you not to find freedom from challenges, but rather freedom to choose what to make of life, given the challenges. Awareness of our shared humanity (and shared imperfection as we stumble our way through our journey) is the compassionate lens through which Ella will work to help you make sense of your story.

Ella works with adults (18+) from a diverse range of backgrounds, using an integrated therapeutic approach informed by cognitive-behavioural, self-compassion, schema, dialectical, mindfulness, acceptance and commitment, and gestalt frameworks. Ella has undertaken clinical placements and employment in the public health sector, and has substantial experience working with individuals with chronic health conditions, chronic pain, and perinatal distress.

Ella has a special interest in:
Women’s Health
Perinatal well-being and preparing for parenthood
Chronic Pain
Complex trauma
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Parenting stress, positive parenting, and parent-child attachment