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Are you interested in working in a dynamic, well-established and ethically run Private Mental Health practice in the heart of Melbourne with a team of highly experienced psychologists and lots of opportunities for peer supervision and professional development …. then PsychologyCare may be the right place for you.


The foundation of our philosophy at PsychologyCare, is that people thrive best both in terms of their satisfaction and contentment at work as well as their learning and development when they are allowed to be mistake-makers.

With this in mind, only people who are willing to be mistake-makers need apply😉


 Our Incredible Practice Manager and Reception team handle the intake process, offering a significant advantage. We collaborate with you to match clients who align with your strengths, expertise, and therapeutic approach. You have the freedom to choose the clients you’re comfortable working with, determine your preferred work methods, and decide when you can accommodate new clients.


Our intake process is highly regarded by both clients and practitioners for its effectiveness, ethical considerations, and thoughtfulness. Therapists in our practice enjoy diverse and fulfilling caseloads.


Who are we?

We are an ethically run practice, which means we put the consistency, and security of the therapist-client relationship at the heart of the way we have designed our practice and policies.

As it says on the first line of our website – “what goes wrong, must go right,” or another way of saying this is: “what was damaged in relationship must be healed in relationship.”

Research tells us that the real healing or change agent in therapy is the relationship between client and therapist, regardless of the type of therapy. This wisdom on therapy as a relationship for change is embedded into every part of PsychologyCare’s practice and policies.

Our focus is also on putting our staff’s wellbeing first in all considerations. We understand how challenging this profession is and how clinicians develop over time. PsychologyCare aims to never overburden clinicians with too many clients, or too high complexity and always offer support and guidance when needed.

If you are interested in a position here, we also invite you to ask to speak to one of our existing or even past clinicians so they can give you their own impressions of what it has been like to work at PsychologyCare.

What are we looking for?

Applications are now open, and we would love to hear from you!

Please send your resume and corresponding cover letter to Anna Holder, our Practice Manager [email protected]. To have a confidential conversation to learn more about this opportunity please call Anna on 0390881122.