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We are human and therefore we suffer. It is that simple. This is not abnormal nor unhealthy, it just is. Our upbringing may have led us to not have the capacity to tolerate certain stressors or feelings that emerge as a consequence of suffering. This is common, and even more common is that as a consequence we develop certain symptoms and these symptoms cause other symptoms, and then suddenly we have a collection of symptoms which can then be diagnosed. But a diagnosis, whether it be depression, anxiety, PTSD etc… is just that – a collection of symptoms. It tells us nothing as to why a person is suffering. From our years of experience here at PsychologyCare, we have learned that the most common cause of people developing a collection of symptoms/diagnosis is due to having low capacity to tolerate painful and complex emotions that often arise at times of stress. Thus, here at PsychologyCare, we focus on building an individual’s capacity to tolerate their emotions, so they can be liberated from symptoms, and be free to live, love and create a meaningful existence where their emotions are not avoided but rather are their guide and compass. If this philosophy rings true for you please speak with our wonderful admin team to organise an appointment. We offer a range of techniques for therapy and counselling in Malvern and Prahran – our team will help to advise on which approach is likely to produce the best results based on your individual situation.

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