Our People



Michael Dods

I am a registered clinical psychology registrar and I draw upon a variety of evidence-based therapeutic models to help me provide treatments unique to the needs of each individual I see. As the therapeutic relationship is the most important ingredient in the effectiveness of psychological treatment, my aim is to understand and respect your experience and to genuinely engage with each client I see to develop an authentic and compassionate relationship grounded in deep listening.

I studied psychology as a mature age student, having previously worked in government, hospitality, as a FIFO miner and as a Myotherapist for ten years – where I had an interest in education and treatment of persistent pain. My areas of research in psychology were focused on Men’s Health – exploring men’s expectations of psychological therapy and Eco-Psychology – utilising Forest Therapy as a complementary intervention for clients with a background of complex trauma.

I have a personal interest in transpersonal psychology, eco-psychology, Buddhist psychology, flow states, non-ordinary states of consciousness and the emerging treatment approaches that explore psychotherapy through these frameworks. Further, I engage in my own regular psychotherapy, psychological supervision, professional development and am an avid reader of both fiction and non-fiction that explores the human experience.