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Therese Van Maanen

Therese Van Maanen


Grad Dip (Psych Sci), BA Psych (Hons), MPP, MAPS

To paraphrase the novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez, our arrival in this world foreshadows the many opportunities life will afford us to reimagine ourselves. I  completed the long journey to become a registered psychologist, after an early career in architecture followed by one in the Internet industry when email was still a novelty and social media a twinkle in somebody’s eye.

Life has become increasingly fast-paced, complex, and sometimes overwhelming. As a psychologist, I use my knowledge and expertise to understand and support my clients in making sense of their lived experiences. Doing so unlocks potential, for hope when it’s a struggle and for change when it may seem impossible. I aim to build a secure therapeutic alliance that provides the foundation to explore the barriers to potential, be that in intimate relationships, work, or private internal experiences.

I have a particular interest in the role that our early attachment relationships have on our adult functioning and the intergenerational consequences of attachment styles. I have additional training in The Circle of Security® Parenting™ program which is based on decades of research about supporting and strengthening secure parent-child relationships, and I bring this reflective capacity into my individual therapy work. I work with teenagers, adults, new parents, and couples in both traditional and non-heteronormative relationships.